Choosing Email Marketing Software For Your Business

Despite the advent of social media and other marketing channels, email marketing software and channels are still preferred by business. Research shows that Email Marketing has one of the highest returns on investment and this could explain its continued popularity. But what role does email marketing play in your organisation and what factors should you consider when choosing email marketing software?

Role of email marketing

As with all other marketing channels, email marketing can be used to develop trust, credibility and loyalty among clients through dissemination of information on a timely and consistent basis. Given that clients prefer to work with organisations that are credible and trustworthy, this is an important role. Email marketing can also be used to create awareness on existing and new products such that clients are aware of how your business can positively impact their professional and social lives. In addition, email marketing can also be used to communicate results and other business metrics with other stakeholders.

Choosing email marketing software

Before you can embark on the selection process, it is paramount to understand the current needs of your business and how these needs will evolve with time. This ensures that you can choose software that not only meets your current needs but also provides an opportunity to morph with your future needs.  Understanding your current and future needs also makes it easier to analyse the available software with respect to your needs such that the most suitable one is selected.

The cost implication of using the email marketing software is one of the most important considerations. In most cases, different software will offer free accounts up to a certain level beyond which monthly or annual subscription fees apply. Comparing the cost across software and gauging the value brought about by using the specific software ensures that you select one that will offer the highest return on investment. 

Another important consideration is the range of services offered by the software. Although the basic offer may be similar, some software companies have incorporated other services either for free or at an additional fee. For example, most email marketing software will allow integration with different social media sites such that your content is easily shared across these platforms. They also have different tracking metrics such as the click through rate, the open rate, the rate of subscription or unsubscription and so on.  These metrics are important in improving future communication and client engagement. Some will have built in templates for use while others allow you to develop your own templates with time. It is up to you to decide what service offering will work for your business.

The success of email marketing software across industries can be attributed to the fact that the email lists are usually opt in. Therefore clients can gauge the applicability of your products, services and messages before making the decision on whether to opt in. However, this must be coupled with technical skills on how to develop effective email marketing messages, how to design messages for your specific industry and even the most effective email delivery time. As a business, you must therefore invest both in the software and the personnel to effectively run the software.